All Pressures. All Temperatures. Limitless Lengths.

With our unique production reaching pressures of 1500 psi and temperatures ranging from 275° F to 750° F, we have the perfect machines for your thermoplastic composite recipe.


Streamline Thermoplastic Composite Production with a Turnkey Solution

Eliminate prepreg challenges of the past.


Manufacture Advanced Thermoplastic Composites

Manufacture superior composite materials while generating less waste.


Test Your Thermoplastic Composite Materials In Days

Achieve great results from multiple layups in one visit.

Crown Delivers

From thermosets to thermoplastic composites, small or big runs, we deliver express solutions tailored to your needs. Our equipment is fast and flexible. In a single visit, you'll see that these presses are unique in the world, they are set up in hours, produce dozens of sample layups, adjustments can be made and you're finished in a day. When you’re ready to produce large scale production volumes, we’re ready with turnkey advantages.

Why Crown Plastics?


Incubation to Production

Crown is the only company in the world to offer thermoplastic composite turnkey services ranging from testing to manufacturing and final finishing/fabrication and assembly. More traceable and in control of supply.


100% U.S.-Based Machines

Crown's proprietary, U.S.-based machines and processes deliver large or small runs with unmatched quality. Delivered on time and operated in a controlled, secure environment.


Available Capacity Now

Crown's machines are fast and flexible. Unlike others, they are not dedicated to single applications. That means that we can test composite materials within weeks, as well as take your project to completion.

Introducing Crown's Continuous Compression Technology


How It Works


Commodity Plastics vs. Engineering Polymers

When reinforced with high-performance fibers, engineered polymer resins exhibit lengthy prepreg shelf life without refrigeration and possess exceptional impact resistance and vibration-damping properties. With Crown's Continuous Pressure Technology, both small and large scale manufacturers can utilize these superior polymers for the first time at a significantly reduced cost.


Get Started Now

Crown's turnkey production of composite material isn't limited to 20-foot lengths, providing manufacturers with a pathway to lower materials costs, shorter lead times and cost-effective scale up.