Reduce Noise and Protect Your Belts.

Crown's Silent Rollers use industry-leading UHMW and bearing-free rollers to give you the highest performance and quieter working conditions for superior operations.

Superior Belt Wear Performance and Protection

Metal bearings in your rollers are the #1 reason for excessive noise in material handling facilities.

So Crown eliminated the need for bearings with our Silent Rollers, providing quieter operation. Using our top-of-the-line UHMW, these rollers have a longer life span for even more cost savings and better belt performance. Taken together, you have the BEST roller bar option for your facility.

A Better Solution for Your Facility

Our Silent Rollers are:

  • Quieter, for improved working conditions and less noise.
  • Safer than conventional rollers — no guards required.
  • Available in 1.9”, 2.125”, and 2.5” diameter rollers.
  • The best value and design in the industry.
  • In stock and ready to ship, with all common belt widths and custom sizes available!

Quit wasting time and money on loud, lower-quality roller bars. The longer life span, increased belt performance, and reduced wear mean lower inventory costs and less maintenance!

Contact Crown today with questions or to place an order!

I'm Ready to Protect My Belts!