Keep Your Packages Moving!

Don't let inferior roller plates hold you back. Crown's industry-leading Roller Plates have reinforced dead plates lined with 1/4" Durasurf™ UHMW. They're impact-resistant and designed for high-volume and high-load areas for superior material handling!

Here’s your low-incline, high-impact package-moving solution!

For years, we've been asked for a solution in very low-incline situations that will keep light items like envelopes and bags moving but hold up to continuous heavy package impacts. We went to work designing a solution superior to injection molded roller mats that are expensive, break, and fail.

Better Materials and Better Design Mean a Better Roller Plate.  

Crown improved on the roller plate with an improved design and superior materials, and it makes a difference. Here's how:

  • Made with durable aluminum and UHMW top plates to overcome the wear and tear of heavy impacts for years.
  • Roller Plates incorporate continuous axles passing through durable rollers and aluminum reinforcing rails.
  • Convenient modular system designed to assemble quickly and easily without the need to change the existing structure.
  • Mats are still fully serviceable if a roller is broken or needs replacement.


I'm Ready for a Better Roller Plate Solution!

See the Roller Plate in Action!

Don't take our word for it. Watch Crown's roller plate in action with the video. 


Get to Know Crown's Roller Plate!

The innovative design of our roller plate reduces the wear and tear and makes for smoother material handling. It's another reason Crown's roller plate is the best on the market!

Don't Wait! Better Materials Mean Better Distribution Operations.

If you're still using inferior, poorly designed roller plates with lower-quality materials and metal rollers, then you could be in for slower shipping and package problems. Crown's Roller Plates keep your packages moving because they can:

  1. Withstand high volumes and heavy loads, providing exceptional service for even the most demanding distribution facilities and industries.
  2. Easily meet your needs with 12" interlocking sections that you can easily shape and assemble.
  3. Resist high impact and heavy use with reinforced dead plates lined with Crown's 1/4" Durasurf™ UHMW.

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